Hoffy's Orchardist's Companion; A Quarterly Journal, Devoted to the History, Character, Properties, Modes of Cultivation, and All Other Matters Appertaining to the Fruits of the United States Philadelphia, 1841-43


ewtown Pippins were once America's favorite apple—fans included George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Because of their fine taste and keeping qualities, Franklin even had barrels of them shipped to London while he was residing there on behalf of several American states. Newtown Pippins were later a favorite of Queen Victoria, who had several barrels a year shipped to Windsor Castle. Progation by grafting insured that favored apples like the Newtown Pippin would grow true to the variety.

Hoffy's Orchardist's Companion was an attempt by lithographer Alfred Hoffy to establish an illustrated American fruit periodical with color plates equal in quality to those found in the European publications of the day. It was the first American journal devoted entirely to fruit cultivation. The high quality of Hoffy's plates, however, made the work too expensive and it did not survive its second year.