Libe Slope Hickory

I have no allusions as to how I am seen,
I doubt most students really notice me for most of the year.
Yes I welcome and enjoy those who find a seat at my feet, gladly sharing my shade with them,
But most simply look up as they hurry by.
Everyone knows my neighbors the Quad oaks and hickories, and the oaks down Tower Road.
For most of the year I am simply one of the large trees on The Slope.
But for a few glorious weeks in autumn, I am brighter than the sun.
I hear whispered from afar “Have you seen that big yellow tree on The Slope?”
People actually seek me out!
I do not think they realize how much that can mean to an old tree like me.
We trees love to shelter and watch over the parade of life, asking for little in return.
We just want to know that we are appreciated;
We just wish to be loved.