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Inland Waters: James G. Needham and the Origins of Cornell Limnology
Ann Haven Morgan

Ann Haven Morgan (1882-1966) transferred from Wellesley College to Cornell as an undergraduate in 1902, graduating with a BS in zoology in 1906. She taught at Mount Holyoke College for a couple of years before returning to Cornell for graduate work with Professor Needham. In 1908, she was admitted to the Entomological Society of America, and in 1912, she received her doctorate. Morgan went on to become a full professor at Mt. Holyoke College, and a Visiting Fellow at other institutions including the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Harvard University, Yale University, and the Tropical Laboratory at Kartabo, British Guiana. She was an early advocate for the teaching of ecology and conservation. Among her books is Field Book of Ponds and Streams: An Introduction to the Life of Fresh Water (1930), which became a standard textbook on the subject.

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Ann Morgan and James Needham with students