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To read more on the history of prefabricated housing in this country, these books are invaluable:

A History of Prefabrication by Alfred Bruce and Harold Sandbank, Arno Press, New York City, 1972 (A reprint of the 1944 edition, this work contains many useful references to articles of the time in Archetectural Forum.)

The Prefabrication of Houses by Burnham Kelly, The Technology Press of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and John Wiley and Sons, New York City, 1951

Wheel Estate: The rise and decline of mobile homes by Allan D. Wallis, Oxford University Press, New York City, 1991

Additional material can be found at these links:

The history and restoration of Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion I house (Henry Ford Museum)

A touring exhibit of innovative contemporary approaches to prefabricated housing
(Walker Art Center)