Albert R. Mann Library
Salmon flies

To frame the little Animal, provide
All the gay Hues that wait on Female Pride,
Let Nature guide thee; sometimes Golden Wire
The shining Bellies of the Flyes require;
The Peacock’s Plumes thy Tackle must not fail,
Nor the dear Purchase of the Sable’s Tail.
Each gaudy Bird some slender Tribute brings,
And lends the growing Insect proper wings,
Silks of all Colours must their Aid impart,
And ev’ry Fur promote the Fisher’s Art.
So the gay Lady, with expensive Care,
Borrows the Pride of Land, of Sea, and Air;
Furs, Pearls, and Plumes, the glitt’ring Thing displays,
Dazzles our Eyes, and easie Hearts betrays.

John Gay, Rural Sports, 1713