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Poster for Paramount Picture’s The Thundering Herd

The man who invented the Western as we know it, author of Riders of the Purple Sage, and dozens of other popular novels, was also an ardent angler. In addition to his Western novels, Zane Grey wrote many books, fiction and non-fiction, about fishing, including Tales of Fishes, and Tales of Southern Rivers.

Every fishing water has its secrets. A river or a lake is not a dead thing. It has beauty and wisdom and content. And to yield up these mysteries it must be fished with more than hooks and for more than fish. Strange things happen to the inquiring fisherman. Nature meets him halfway on his adventure. He must have eyes that see. One fisherman may have keener eyes than another, but no one fisherman’s observation is enough.

Zane Grey, Tales of Fresh-Water Fishing, 1928